July 2, 2007

Special Remarks by Larry Schweiger, NWF President

See the special May 27 post by Larry Schweiger and the essay written in special tribute to Rachel Carson on her birthday. This is a good prequel to our upcoming discussions on Carson's sea books and specifically Under the Sea-Wind which we will discuss this month with moderators Mark Lytle and Patricia DeMarco. Thanks, Larry, for your contributions.

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Anonymous said...

I think Rachel Carson was quite prophetic in her views about the changes that she saw occurring in the environment even in her day: the changes in the ocean currents, fish/bird migrations, and in the climate. These early signs of global warming were further tampered by the carbon emissions polluting the atmosphere. These "prophecies" were followed by her later warnings about the harmful effects of the excessive use of chemical pesticides. I agree that there is much parallel with the discrediting of those that warn about global warming today and that received by Rachel Carson. And as in Rachel Carson's day, a large part of the opposition to the global warming theory appears to be coming from those who stand to profit the most by not adhering to strict environmental controls. I like the analogy in Schweiger's comments on the day honoring Rachel Carson's 100th Birthday about the story of Balamm and the talking ass: "...any ass can see that we are on the wrong energy path." and, "The fish and other wild life are speaking to us today. Are we listening."

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