February 26, 2007


March - Linda Lear and Deanne Urmy - Topic: Carson's Life and Legacy

April - Tom Dunlap - Mark Madison - Book: Silent Spring

May - John Elder and Deanne Urmy - Book: Courage for the Earth (Contributor: Robert Michael Pyle)

June - Maril Hazlett - Book: Always, Rachel

July - Patricia DeMarco, Mark Lytle - Book: Under the Sea-Wind

August - Cindy Van Dover - Book: The Edge of the Sea

September - H. Patricia Hynes - Book: Lost Woods

October - Jim Lynch - Book: The Sea Around Us

November - Tom Schaefer - Book: A Sense of Wonder


NCTC Librarian said...

You are free to leave any comments here

Anonymous said...

I am glad you have provided this opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas about RC

Tricia Parker said...

I'm interested in participating. RC was such an inspiration to me 20+ years ago when I was choosing a major in college.
Tricia Parker, USFWS Fish Biologist, Calif.

Julia said...

Thank you to FWS and NCTC for engaging the public in this creative and interactive way to honor Rachel Carson and her leadership.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this great author's remembrance. It is so fitting to review her books at this critical time in our World.

Ned Land said...

What a wonderful way to honor Rachel Carson. I do question having Cindy Vandover as a moderator, as an online search shows that she receives her reaearch funding from and seems to be a spokes-person for Nautilus Minerals, a deep ocean strip-mining company. Would Ms. Carson approve?

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